WWE Announces RK-Bro In Tag Team Action On Smackdown

wwe randy orton riddle rkbro

The team of Randy Orton and Riddle aka RK-Bro are the WWE Raw Tag Team Champions and will be in tag team action tonight on Smackdown in Los Angeles.

Even though WWE tries to keep the Raw and Smackdown rosters separate, there are instances where they do have wrestlers from one show appearing on another show. For tonight’s Smackdown, the team of Ortn and Riddle will be teaming up for a non-title triple threat match against Smackdown Tag Team Champions The Usos and The New Day’s King Xavier Woods and Kofi Kingston.

In addition to that triple threat tag team match, WWE is also advertising three women’s singles matches:

The Smackdown Women’s Champion Charlotte Flair will face Toni Storm in a non-title match that WWE refers to as a Championship Contender Match meaning if Storm wins, then she will get a championship match in the future. Storm has challenged Flair in the past, Flair refused, then they each threw pies in the face of the other woman over the last two weeks – including Storm to Flair last week. Now they are set for singles action.

Naomi has challenged WWE Official Sonya Deville to a match repeatedly, Sonya has turned her down many times and then last week on Smackdown, Sonya accepted the challenge with a slap to the face. Could Sonya get help from Shayna Baszler like she has had in the past? It’s a possibility that Naomi should be aware of.

Xia Li will also make her Smackdown debut after being promoted heavily since the draft took place two months ago.

Brock Lesnar is advertised for Smackdown in Los Angeles tonight although WWE is not specifically mentioning Lesnar in their preview of tonight’s show. It’s likely that Lesnar will have some involvement with Universal Champion Roman Reigns since the familiar rivals will have another match together at WWE Day 1 on January 1.

wwe day 1 roman reigns brock lesnar

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