Update On WWE’s Plans For Becky Lynch Following Title Win At SummerSlam

Becky Lynch returned to WWE in stunning fashion at SummerSlam as she reclaimed the SmackDown Women’s Title, now a new report has shed light on why her victory over Bianca Belair was so quick.

Lynch had not competed in WWE since WrestleMania 36 when she defeated Shayna Baszler to retain her Raw Women’s Championship. On the Raw after Money In The Bank 2020, Becky Lynch relinquished her title to the Money In The Bank briefcase winner Asuka and then announced her pregnancy to the world.

Rumours had strengthened in recent months in regards to a return to the ring for Lynch after she gave birth to her first daughter in December 2020. Lynch is married to WWE’s Seth Rollins in case you don’t know.

At SummerSlam, Bianca Belair was supposed to defend her SmackDown Women’s Championship against Sasha Banks in a rematch from WrestleMania 37. However, it was announced to the crowd in Las Vegas after Belair made her entrance that Banks was not cleared to compete. Carmella was then introduced as Banks’ replacement before Becky Lynch made her return to a deafening ovation.

Lynch took out Carmella and then challenged Belair to match for the Smackdown Women’s Title. It took just 27 seconds for Becky Lynch to unseat Belair for her title and begin her fourth reign as SmackDown Women’s Champion.

Mike Johnson of PWInsider has reported that the rapid match was all down to Vince McMahon, saying:

“We are told it was 100% a Vince McMahon call and the title switch to Lynch was specifically to make her return even more spectacular. It should be noted that the quick nature of the match (27 seconds) was seen by a number of fans as taking the wind out of the sails of Bianca Belair, but we are told that even though some in the company expressed that concern, the idea was that the moment was about Lynch per Vince McMahon’s vision of the PPV.”

Lynch won with a move that Michael Cole called the Manhandle Slam that was similar to The Rock Bottom that The Rock has used as a finishing move. That followed a handshake where Lynch rocked Belair with a punch when Belair wasn’t ready, so maybe that will be played up in the future.

Johnson has followed up that report with new information stating that Becky Lynch is set to become one of the top heels on SmackDown and looks set to continue her rivalry with The EST of WWE.