Sunny’s Lawyers Want To Withdraw From Case


It may seem that Tammy Sytch – known to fans from her time in WWE as Sunny – will be needing new legal representation in her DUI case after her current team requested to withdraw.

Sunny was arrested on 25th March 2022 after crashing in to a static vehicle whilst seemingly intoxicated. The accident caused the death of a 75-year-old man, and a bond of $227,500 was paid for Sytch to be released on bail.

Bail was revoked days after it was originally granted, and as part of the hearing today it was reported by Claire Metz of WESH 2 that it has been said by Judge Karen Foxman there is no way to reasonably keep the public safe whilst Sunny is in this state.

The case now seems to have taken an even worse turn for Sunny, as it has been noted by Mike Johnson of Pro Wrestling Insider that her legal representation has asked to withdraw from the case.

According to the report, lawyer Steven deLaroche has stated three reasons why he wishes to withdraw himself from the proceedings:

  • An impasse has been reached in the handling of the case, making it impossible for the client and attorney to continue to work cooperatively on the case.
  • The client has not complied with the terms of the employment agreement with this attorney.
  • The client will not be prejudiced if the undersigned is permitted to withdraw.

The request has not yet been approved or denied, whilst Sunny remains in jail as she has been for five weeks whilst awaiting trial.