Saraya Wants To Wrestle Released WWE Star

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AEW Women’s Champion Saraya has her sights set on a rematch with one recently released WWE star.

In the wake of WWE’s merger with UFC under parent company Endeavor, more than 100 staff members were let go from the company on September 15th. While the layoffs initially affected office staff, a report indicated that talent cuts were also on the way.

Sure enough, on September 21st, multiple stars were released from their WWE contracts, including former World Heavyweight Champion Dolph Ziggler. The releases have reportedly caused frustration backstage as the company announced a new huge money deal for SmackDown the very same day. A full list of talent released from WWE on the 21st can be found here.

Among those receiving their walking papers was Tenille Dashwood, known as Emma during her time with WWE. Dashwood’s former rival and current AEW Women’s Champion took notice, saying hello on social media.

The two women were closely linked during their time in NXT, competing against one another in the finals of a tournament to crown the inaugural NXT Women’s Champion. Saraya (then known as Paige) and Dashwood faced each other once again for the title at NXT ArRIVAL, the first show to air live on the WWE Network in February of 2014. Long before the Four Horsewomen rose to prominence, the NXT ArRIVAL match helped put the NXT women’s division on the radar of the wrestling world and many credit it for helping foster the women’s evolution in WWE.

Saraya Wants To “Run It Back” With Tenille Dashwood

When Dashwood responded by saying “Oh hi old friend,” the AEW Women’s Champion said the two should “run it back again,” indicating she wants another match with her storied rival.