Major Cuts Expected Across WWE’s Main Roster And NXT

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Following this week’s WWE/UFC merger, many people are expecting cuts and layoffs to affect office staff, backstage personnel, and on-screen talent.

The past few days have already seen one resignation with Frank Riddick III announcing that he will be stepping down as CGO at the end of this month.

Because both companies now have one combined parent company, many people are worried about their futures. And if reports are to be believed, the cuts will extend far beyond non-wrestling talent.

Earlier today an email was sent out by Nick Khan regarding expected lay-offs. This email was first reported by PWInsider and was also confirmed as authentic by Hausman.

Additionally, Hausman attempted to investigate further regarding expected layoffs, and per what he was told he suggests that there will, in fact, be cuts to both WWE’s main roster and to those in its developmental program.

In an exclusive report, Hausman noted that WWE is expecting “major cuts” to the talent. Hausman wasn’t able to determine whether these talent cuts would come at the same time as the office layoffs.

Both wrestlers and office staff in WWE are worried about what to expect on Friday, September 15th

One of the sources that spoke to Hausman suggested that Endeavor would lay off office staff on Friday and wait until the impact died down from that to release any wrestling talent.

The alleged reason for this staggering of terminations would be that such a massive layoff all at once would lead to negative optics for the newly-formed company and they don’t want this to affect the stock price.

However, this is only speculation at this point and there is still a very real possibility that WWE could still release wrestlers and office staff all at once.