Nick Khan Emails WWE Staff Regarding “Workforce Reductions”

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Nick Khan has given WWE employees instructions ahead of anticipated lay-offs.

With the WWE/UFC merger now complete, Nick Khan has identified several divisions within the company that will likely see reductions or possibly complete closures as the combined entity, now known as TKO Holdings, seeks to complete “synergies”.

To begin this transitionary period, Nick Khan has sent emails to the entire company advising all staff of what to expect in the coming days.

Given how tense this has left people as they ponder their futures, Khan advised as many of WWE’s personnel as possible to work from home on Friday September 15th as they await their fates.

The entire email reads as follows:

“Hi All,

As part of WWE’s transition into the newly formed TKO Group Holdings, we are evaluating our existing operations and systems to identify potential synergies across the business. This effort includes work force reductions, which will take place tomorrow.

Those whose roles have been impacted will be notified by our Human Resources team, who will share the details of their severance package. We are asking that everyone work remotely, Friday September 15, so we can ensure all conversations are handled privately and respectfully. We’ll send out a companywide email once all of tomorrow’s conversations have happened.

Our company is home to the most talented, creative, and hard-working employees in the world. WWE is a special place, which makes moments like this difficult. Just know that we have nothing but gratitude and admiration for everyone we have had the privilege to work alongside.

Thank you for all your contributions and dedication.

Nick Khan”

Following Nick Khan’s email, WWE’s roster plagued by fear due to potential cuts

Although the language in Nick Khan’s email suggests that it primarily applies to office staff and possibly backstage personnel, the atmosphere among wrestlers, according to Dave Meltzer, has been one of fear.

While annual cuts have come many times in the past, usually around WrestleMania, as part of a “spring cleaning” of sorts, the new leadership and management situation in WWE and its parent company has created a different kind of uncertainty since the environment going forward will be different from what is was prior to the merger.

h/t PWInsider