Nick Khan Nets Massive Bonus After WWE Takeover

Nick Khan WWE

Nick Khan will be a very happy man following WWE’s takeover by Endeavor.

The Endeavor takeover of WWE is complete bringing the sports entertainment giant together with UFC under their new parent company, TKO Group Holdings, Inc. The merger brings an end to over forty years of majority ownership of WWE by Vince McMahon and could very well change the face of both the wrestling business and combat sports moving forward.

The takeover is also good news for new WWE President Nick Khan, along with other executives including Triple H. Khan has netted a $15 million bonus as a result of the merger while long-time Executive Producer & Chief, Global Television Distribution Kevin Dunn received $7 million. Both Triple H and WWE CFO Frank Riddick III received $5 million each.

Nick Khan sends a message to WWE staff

While the merger proves to be an exciting time for those at the top of each company, for the staff, it remains an uncertain one.

Nick Khan emailed all WWE employees on the morning of the takeover with a rousing if not reassuring message. Several staff are said to have been “gritting their teeth” regarding the takeover in recent weeks with job losses expected almost immediately.

TKO Groups’ corporate website is now live allowing those interested in the business now behind both WWE and UFC to find out more.