Liv Morgan Comments On Injury Status

Liv Morgan

Liv Morgan has commented on the injury she is dealing with that could lead to a lengthy absence in WWE.

There was a women’s tag team match on the May 12th edition of WWE Smackdown that saw Raquel Rodriguez & Liv Morgan team up against Bayley & Dakota Kai which led to two serious injuries. There is nobody to blame for the injuries, but it’s just a reminder of how tough pro wrestling can be.

During that match, Dakota Kai tore her ACL in her knee and had surgery for it. The recovery time for an injury like that is anywhere from eight to ten months and sometimes longer just depending on how a person recovers from it.

As for Liv Morgan, she suffered a serious left shoulder injury in the match. It is believed that she suffered a torn labrum although she hasn’t had surgery yet. If Morgan does need surgery, which seems likely, then that’s probably a lengthy absence of anywhere from four to six months.

Due to Morgan’s injury, Raquel Rodriguez & Liv had to give up their Women’s Tag Team Titles. Those titles were won by Ronda Rousey & Shayna Baszler this past Monday on Raw.

There was a live Up Up Down Down stream on YouTube featuring WWE superstars on Saturday as they competed for the Up Up Down Down Championship. Morgan lost to mån.sôör (aka Mansoor), who was replacing ma.çé (Mace).

It was during the stream when Liv Morgan mentioned she was competing in the tournament “with one shoulder” in reference to the serious shoulder injury she is dealing with.

“I’m like sitting at home with my torn shoulder, and I’m like, ‘Wow, I’m really excited to win the UpUpDownDown Championship.’ I’m really excited to beat ma.çé and his kid just so happens to have a ‘recital.’ I would like to see the footage of this recital, just saying.”

“So you send your friend out, but you know what? Even with one shoulder, I’m still gonna beat you. And I’m gonna be the UpUpDownDown Champion.”

In other Liv Morgan news, she is supposed to be in a movie with Charlotte Flair. No word yet on if the injury she’s dealing with will prevent that movie role from happening.

While Liv Morgan & Dakota Kai are on the sidelines due to injury, Carmella & Alexa Bliss both recently revealed they are pregnant. That means there are four WWE women that won’t be competing in the ring for the rest of this year although Liv’s timeline to return isn’t official yet.

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