LA Knight On Comparisons To The Rock – “It Doesn’t Matter”

LA Knight

LA Knight is not concerned by comparisons to some of WWE’s greatest stars.

LA Knight has taken the WWE by storm, capturing the hearts of fans and making waves with impressive merchandise sales. Despite his two decades in the wrestling business, Knight’s recent rise to popularity has been a relatively fast one, and many fans wonder if the 40-year-old star has a World Championship run in his WWE future.

However, not everyone is fully on board the LA Knight Express with WWE Hall of Famer Kevin Nash being one to knock Knight as a rip-off of the likes of The Rock and Stone Cold Steve Austin.

LA Knight influenced by all sorts of stars

Speaking to Inside The Ropes, LA Knight explained that those comparisons don’t phase him and that he takes inspiration from those two greats and a whole lot more:

“It doesn’t matter. I’ve heard that since the very beginning. I’ve heard that since I started in 2003. You know, when I first started, people would say, ‘Oh, he sounds like The Rock or he sounds like Austin, or even my very first set of gear, I think it was like my second set of gear when I was in Ohio, I had red and yellow, ‘Oh, he’s being Hulk Hogan.’ Everybody’s always going to make a comparison of some sort.

“I’m 100% influenced by those guys, absolutely. I’m influenced by Flair. I’m influenced by Savage. I’m influenced by Jake the Snake. I’m influenced by other entities outside of wrestling. I’m influenced by musical artists and by actors. So I mean, yeah, all that stuff’s in there. At the end of the day, you put all that together, you get that conglomeration, you got yourself LA Knight.”

Though he has yet to win gold on WWE’s main roster, LA Knight scored a huge victory at SummerSlam when he won the Slim Jim Battle Royal.