LA Knight Wins Big At WWE SummerSlam

LA Knight

LA Knight is on the rise in WWE after a big SummerSlam win.

LA Knight has been the people’s choice for most of 2023 in WWE now with crowds getting behind him at shows and with their money at the merch table despite him not always being featured in high-profile slots on shows.

Many fans had expected Knight to capture the Money In The Bank briefcase in London, England but in the end, that victory went to The Judgment Day’s Damian Priest.

At SummerSlam, LA Knight was part of a battle royal presented by Slim Jim that saw him resume hostilities with Sheamus after he picked up a big win over the former WWE Champion on the 4th of August edition of SmackDown.

With the match about to take place, MVP asked for a pause until the giant Omos entered the ring, instantly making him the favourite thanks to his massive size advantage. However, those who have ever seen a battle royal might not have been surprised when what was left of the field banded together to get rid of Omos.

Ultimately, things came down to Sheamus and LA Knight and the roof almost came off Ford Field when Knight eliminated Sheamus to pick up the win.

What will this win mean for LA Knight in WWE?

While the battle royal was not one of the featured matches on the SummerSlam card, it still gives LA Knight a victory on WWE’s second biggest show of the year which will no doubt help his cause on SmackDown to move up the card. WWE is believed to be waiting for the opportune moment to pull the trigger on the star and this win might be the catalyst to do just that.