LA Knight Comments On Being Attitude Era Throwback

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LA Knight has responded to those who feel like he would be a perfect fit in late 90s WWE.

With putdowns of his opponents, memorable catchphrases and the ability to get tens of thousands of people to yell yeah each and every week, it can be seen why some people are reminded of Attitude Era favourites like The Rock or Steve Austin when Knight appears on the screen, without being a parody.

The popularity of Knight has been proven financially, with the megastar outselling some of the biggest names in history in merchandise sales.

Knight was asked if he feels like a reprise from the company’s hottest era during an appearance on After The Bell. The former Million Dollar Champion acknowledges that he could be considered a throwback, but feels it is more about combining the best parts of the past and the present:

I mean, most people will say it feels like a throwback to the Attitude Era, and that is probably completely true. Because that is kind of like what I liked. And so I think that even if you can link it back to that, it’s a matter of bringing the old to the new and mixing those things, but at the same time, like there’s a lot of things that didn’t, or don’t speak to me, I guess in the current era of wrestling.

And for me, it was like, Well, what can I do that’s going to be set myself apart? What can I do that’s going to make me look different? And might not be as fancy or as pretty or is, you know, technically beautiful as some of the other things happening.

The megastar continued, describing the thought that goes into his unique promo style:

But for me, it’s like, I want to be in a fight, and I want to talk like I’m in a fight. I want to present myself like I’m in a fight. And so at the end of the day, is that a part of it? Maybe? I don’t know. But for me, that’s what I want it to be. So I’m going to talk a little trash some of it might be a little colourful, but at the same time I’m gonna get to a point and then there’s gonna be a fight.

And for me, it’s like, I try not to waste a lot of motion with the stuff that I do. There’s not a lot of there’s like I said, not a lot of pretty not a lot of fancy. It’s just bare bones and down to it.

Is LA Knight Going To Be At WWE SummerSlam?

LA Knight has been announced as one of the entrants in the SummerSlam Battle Royal. In the same interview, Knight would reveal how many Superstars are scheduled to compete in the match.

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