WWE Hall Of Famer Thinks LA Knight Isn’t Ripping Anybody Off With Promos

la knight wwe smackdown promo

LA Knight is not a “rip off of The Rock” and is finding a recipe to success according to a WWE Hall of Famer.

Kevin Nash accused The Megastar of ripping off The Rock during his recent on-screen promos ahead of Money In The Bank.

But another WWE Hall of Famer feels differently and feels that Knight has been working on how to develop his tv promos for some time.

Jeff Jarrett feels that LA Knight has been honing his craft as he journeyed back to WWE and using initiative to build a character that connects with the WWE fans.

During the Ask Jeff Anything episode of My World with Jeff Jarrett, the AEW Star was asked by host Conrad Thompson for his thoughts on Kevin Nash’s criticism of LA Knight.

The pair discussed how most wrestlers take elements from their peers and even referenced that Ric Flair was not the first “Nature Boy”.

Jarrett explained how some of the biggest companies find ways to adapt to gain success and that Knight is using the same formula.

“I recently read an article about these major, major corporations, what they started and what they are now. Nintendo, I mean there are so many different things. They start as something and completely pivot, and that’s kind of the recipe to success is adapting as you go.

That, ‘Oh, wow, that didn’t work, so let’s try that.’ While I’m talking about [LA Knight] when did he start? Because I think that goes into — he’s not a young guy. ’cause when he worked for [TNA], that’s six years ago, he’s 35.

And they had told me, ‘Yeah, he actually was in the WWE developmental, and it didn’t work out.’ I’m like, ‘That’s interesting. Where did I miss this guy?’

“So he’s been around, and by osmosis and trial and error, sometimes the almighty word ‘timing’ doesn’t work out, sometimes it works perfectly, sometimes it doesn’t work perfectly at all. But to your point, absolutely, everything is inspired in a certain way.

The folks that can take a little inspiration here, and a little inspiration there, and a little inspiration there and mash it up and make it authentic to themselves? Well then, they’re not just ubersuccessful, but innovators, if you will.

But getting into the philosophy, everything starts as a thought, and what are thoughts made of? In many ways, divine inspiration, but intuitive thought. It’s all kind of what you’ve seen before, and how can I do something a little different.”

Double J is a big advocate for developing talent and has previously spoken of how important it is for companies that don’t have WWE levels of funding.

Jarrett is not the only former WWE Superstar to be backing Knight, as a former NWO Wolfpac member feels he is paying homage to The Rock.

LA Knight has been receiving hot reactions over the last few months on SmackDown and was the fans favourite inside London for the recent Men’s Money In The Bank Ladder Match.

The former Impact Wrestling Star’s merchandise has become one of the top 5 biggest sellers over recent weeks.

Knight is set to revisit his NXT rivalry with Cameron Grimes this week and also face off against Rey Mystrerio and Sheamus in a fatal four way as part of the United States Championship invitational.

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