Sheamus Feels WWE Should Be Doing More With The Brawling Brutes

wwe sheamus brawling brutes

The Brawling Brutes just aren’t being featured enough on television according to recent comments from Sheamus.

As a former four-time WWE World Champion that’s won everything there is to win (except the Intercontinental Title), Sheamus has done it all in WWE. Sheamus has been a heel for a lot of his career and he’s also been in a face role he is in now. Clearly, he has earned a lot of respect from the fans over the last 15 years.

Currently, Sheamus is the experienced leader of The Brawling Brutes group with Ridge Holland and Butch (formerly Pete Dunne). They are three European brawlers with Sheamus coming from Ireland while Holland and Butch are both from England.

The Brawling Brutes trio does get some TV time on Smackdown, but they aren’t featured in heavy storylines or given as much time as other WWE stables like The Bloodline or The Judgment Day.

While speaking to Alistair McGeorge of Metro, Sheamus expressed his frustrations saying that they could be doing a lot more.

“I just don’t think they’ve really capitalized on the group, I don’t think they’ve really let us show what we can do. This stop/start stuff is really hard when you’re trying to highlight young talent. It’s frustrating, you know?”

“So I dunno, maybe we’ll get an opportunity to show what we can really do as a group because a lot of those other groups who are out there now have definitely got an opportunity that we haven’t had to do some storyline stuff, some character stuff. That’s kinda been a shame, mate, to be honest, considering the talent that’s in there.”

Sheamus continued talking about wanting to involve Butch & Ridge more while also hitting on their alliance with Drew McIntyre in late 2022 that saw them become WarGames teammates at Survivor Series.

“I’ve always tried to get the boys involved, there’s just a lot of creative stuff that’s out of my hands. They kinda got sidelined on that, which shouldn’t have been the case. Especially the history we have with Drew, there was a great opportunity to tell a story there of Drew coming back into the fold and the boys being apprehensive of that happening.”

As he continued, the future WWE Hall of Famer spoke about how eager The Brawling Brutes are to do more.

“They’re young, they’re hungry, they’ve wanted to do this their whole lives! Ridge has been a fan of wrestling his whole life, Butch has been doing this from a young age. Sitting on the sidelines, especially when you’re passionate and you know you’re talented and you know you can go, there’s nothing more frustrating. It could’ve been better.”

Butch is the only one of three Brawling Brutes that is advertised for a match at Money in the Bank on July 1 with Butch competing in the Men’s Ladder Match.