LA Knight Making Merch Waves In WWE

LA Knight

LA Knight was the people’s choice to walk away from Money In The Bank with a briefcase in his hand but it wasn’t to be for the SmackDown star.

LA Knight has grown in popularity to a huge degree since being allowed to flourish in WWE with many fans rallying behind the star to win Money In The Bank. Ultimately that prize went to Damian Priest but Knight’s fans show no sign of slowing down getting behind the star.

Wrestlenomics has now reported that fans have also put their money where their mouth is in regard to Knight with the star moving into the top five merchandise sellers in WWE in June 2023.

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Roman Reigns continues to be the needle mover for WWE as the WWE Universal Champion was the biggest merch seller for the month ahead of Cody Rhodes whose popularity continues to soar on Monday Night Raw as fans still want to see him finish his story.

In third place, incredibly, was Stone Cold Steve Austin whose never-ending popularity was evident by the number of “London 3:16” shirts seen in the crowd at Money In The Bank. LA Knight was fourth on the list with another throwback completing the top five with the nWo. The nWo recently celebrated the 27th anniversary of the group’s formation when Hulk Hogan turned on WCW and teamed up with Kevin Nash and Scott Hall.