Damian Priest Shares Reaction After Winning Money In The Bank

Damian Priest Money In The Bank

Damian Priest could well be a thorn in the side of Seth Rollins and Roman Reigns for some time to come as he enjoys life as Señor Money In The Bank.

In London, England, The Judgment Day star was able to overcome Ricochet, Santos Escobar, Butch, LA Knight, Shinsuke Nakamura, and even Logan Paul to capture the briefcase and guarantee himself a title match anywhere, any time.

Speaking on WWE’s The Bump, Damian Priest reflected on being part of such a chaotic match at Money In The Bank:

“I was loving it. You got a bunch of bodies that I could just wail on with ladders and stuff, so that’s fun. But as far as groove, it’s kinda hard. Your head is on a swivel. There’s just so many moving parts. Everybody’s trying to do the same thing: Grab that briefcase. The entire time you felt desperation.

“From bell to bell, it was insane, so I don’t think anybody ever got into a strict groove because as soon as you feel like you’re gaining momentum, there was somebody there to start theirs. And then somebody there to start theirs. It’s just nonstop. That’s why these matches are so unpredictable. They’re just nonstop action. While one person is getting knocked down, somebody else is going to be standing there behind them. You never get into a groove.”

As far as winning the coveted briefcase and the guaranteed title shot that goes with it, Damian Priest noted that the moment might have been written in the stars after he got his PLEs confused during a promo earlier in the year:

“I grabbed it and I was like, ‘This just happened. This is happening. This is real. I did it.’ It’s one of those accomplishments that you wish for [and] you dream about, but dreams are that. They’re dreams. They’re not reality. And when you can achieve something like this … Inside I felt like a ball of emotions. It was wild.

“That satisfaction of achievement for something you’ve been working towards. I remember months ago when I mistakenly said Money in the Bank as the PLE instead of Elimination Chamber and at moment [I knew] I gotta win this match. I gotta be in it and I gotta win it. It’s like I saw the future. For me, it was a special moment for sure.”

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h/t Wrestling Inc.