WWE Hall Of Famer Thinks LA Knight Is A “Ripoff Of The Rock”

LA Knight

One WWE Hall of Famer doesn’t believe there’s anything original about LA Knight’s popular act on SmackDown.

LA Knight has captured the hearts of WWE fans across the world, and at Money in the Bank, he was a heavy favorite to win the coveted contract. Just when it seemed like he had the briefcase in his grasp, however, Damian Priest appeared and delivered a Broken Arrow from atop the ladder, giving Priest the opportunity to climb and grab the briefcase for himself, ensuring himself a future title opportunity.

The crowd in London was devastated as they’d been cheering Knight throughout the match, showing their love for the dynamic performer. Ahead of Money in the Bank, Knight cut a promo on his opponents in the ladder match, singling out Logan Paul and teasing him about “making videos for 14-year-old girls,” a line that got a thunderous ovation from the crowd inside the O2 Arena.

One WWE Hall of Famer who doesn’t get the hype behind Knight, however, is Kevin Nash, who insists that Knight is simply an imitation of one of the best to ever grace the microphone in WWE, The Rock. Speaking on a recent episode of Kliq This, Nash had this to say:

“Am I the only one that sees like an absolute ripoff of The Rock to the point when he cut the promo on fu**ing Logan Paul or whatever the fu** his name is. The only thing he didn’t do is turn the motherfu**er sideways. Jesus Christ, does everybody have amnesia? There’s nothing original.”

Knight has commented on being compared to WWE legends in the past, saying he wants to be bigger and better than any names that came before him.

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