LA Knight Issues Warning To Champions In WWE

la knight wwe ladder

LA Knight has placed WWE Champions on notice after securing his place in the upcoming Men’s Money In The Bank Ladder Match.

After defeating Montez Ford on Friday’s SmackDown, LA Knight has set his sights on becoming a WWE Champion.

The former Impact World Champion has so far only tasted Million Dollar Championship success during his time in WWE.

If successful at Money In The Bank, LA Knight will hold a contract entitling him to a Championship match at any time over the next 12 months.

Speaking on SmackDown LowDown, The Megastar clarified that he plans to succeed in London and wanted to warn all Superstars holding Gold in WWE.

“Who’s gonna be in this match, huh? Does it matter? Six guys, seven guys, eight guys, ten guys, doesn’t make a difference,”

“Because one man will climb, make the acclivity up to that ladder, grab that briefcase, and after that, any title I want.”

“All I can tell you is, if you’re holding some gold title out there, keep your eyes out, because I’m coming for you,”

“Money in the Bank, yeah, long overdue, because whose game is it? It’s LA Knight’s game, yeah.”

Knight gained great success in Impact with his character Eli Drake and an on-going promo which ended with the word “Yeah”.

Despite losing to Bray Wyatt at this year’s Royal Rumble, Knight has been receiving warm responses from fans, particularly during the Andre The Giant Memorial Battle Royale the night before WrestleMania 39, as fans chanted his name and booed loudly after Knight’s elimination.

Shinsuke Nakamura and Ricochet secured their places in the Men’s Ladder Match after successfully winning qualifying matches on last week’s Raw, and along with LA Knight, will be keeping an eye this weeks matches to see who will be joining them in London.

H/t to Sescoops