LA Knight Praised “For Getting Himself Over” By WWE Executives

LA Knight

LA Knight is on the rise and it’s not gone unnoticed by WWE executives.

LA Knight is undoubtedly the people’s choice in WWE for the next big star in the company. Knight’s reactions have grown louder and louder throughout 2023 and he’s getting fans to put their money where their mouth is with incredible merchandise sales that are topping those of other stars further up the card.

Many fans thought LA Knight would be the perfect choice to win the men’s Money In The Bank briefcase back in July but that win ended up going to Damian Priest. With SummerSlam just around the corner as well, Knight is not in a featured match on the card but he has been announced for a battle royal.

What do WWE executives think about LA Knight?

Mike Johnson of PWInsider has reported that LA Knight is thought of extremely highly by WWE executives despite many fans feeling that the company still hasn’t pulled the trigger on pushing him to the top of the card. Knight has been praised in the company for being able to get himself over and “breaking the mold” of the creative that was given to him and for being a stronger character than what was first thought on the main roster.

One source compared LA Knight’s run as Max Dupri to that of Stone Cold Steve Austin as The Ringmaster in the sense that the character may have lit a fire under Knight to achieve even more just as Steve Austin did despite being hamstrung with The Ringmaster character when he joined WWE in 1995.

It is also noted that while WWE has plans for LA Knight, the company is keen to wait for “the right moment in time” but until that comes his appearances have been specifically used so as not to “waste” them.