Damian Priest Explains Money In The Bank Cash In Plans

Damian Priest Money In The Bank

Damian Priest is the reason the champions in WWE go to sleep at night with one eye open as Señor Money In The Bank stresses he plans to be as devious as possible when the time comes to cash in his prize.

Damian Priest achieved the biggest win of his WWE career in London, England as he captured the men’s Money In The Bank briefcase despite the crowd being firmly behind LA Knight in the thrilling contest.

Speaking on WWE’s The Bump, Damian Priest explained that he has no interest in being honorable when it comes to cashing in his contract and adds ominously that Seth Rollins might not be the only champion he’s keeping an eye on:

“The moment I grabbed this, even when I was standing on the ladder, the only vision I had, it was almost like pictures in my brain of all the championships. I had them all in mind. Seth Rollins, it just so happens he’s involved with Judgment Day business.

“He was wrestling Finn Balor, then he had a match with Dominik, so obviously it’s right there in front of me and so I see it, but it doesn’t mean that he’s my only target. Not by a long shot.

“I’m not going to cash in this contract in a respectful way. I’m going to wait until my opponent’s beaten, battered, useless. That’s when I’ll cash in. So for all the champions, when you’re down and out and you think things can’t get worse, I’ll be seeing you.”

In the history of Money In The Bank, only Rob Van Dam, John Cena, and Braun Strowman have announced their cash-in match ahead of time with RVD the only one of those three stars to emerge with a championship having done so. Therefore, the odds of Damian Priest one day becoming WWE Universal or World Heavyweight Champion drastically go up if he sticks to his plan.

h/t SEScoops