Forgotten John Cena Match Resurfaces (VIDEO)

John Cena

The journey of a thousand miles begins with one step and one of John Cena’s first steps on his way to being a sixteen-time world champion has now re-emerged online.

John Cena famously burst onto the WWE main roster in a haze of ruthless aggression in 2002 as he answered Kurt Angle’s open challenge on SmackDown. From there he eventually let his inner rap star out and the wrestling world changed forever.

With the crowd firmly behind him, John Cena went on to win his first WWE Championship from JBL at WrestleMania 21 but within months the boos that helped define Cena’s time on top in the company started to be heard.

Despite the hate from some quarters, Cena never wavered and was committed to his credo of hustle, loyalty, and respect as he won fifteen more world titles, tying with Ric Flair for most recognized reigns as champion ever and headlining plenty of WrestleManias.

John Cena’s future will surely see him headline a WWE Hall of Fame class at some point but it’s his past that has got people talking with an early match from his career on the independent scene has resurfaced.

Cena wrestled at the time as The Prototype and the match that caught people’s attention sees him team with Bad Boy Basil as they pick up a quick win over Genio and Mariachi Loco at an independent show in Anaheim, California in 2000. Cena’s entrance as The Prototype – to the song Bad Boys – begins at the 47:30 mark of the video below.

John Cena wrestled as Prototype during his days in WWE developmental where he shared the ring with the likes of Randy Orton and Leviathan, who is better known as Batista.