Brian Gewirtz Addresses The Rock Possibly Appearing In WWE Again

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One of The Rock’s closest friends and business associates has given some insight into whether The Brahma Bull will ever be back in the squared circle.

Dwayne Johnson, formerly known as The Rock, has been an actor for much longer than he has been wrestling. But despite spending far more time in Hollywood, he never forgets his roots and still speaks fondly of his time in WWE when asked.

But despite his incredible success as a WWE superstar, The Rock isn’t likely to appear on WWE programming anytime soon, especially given current events unfolding in Hollywood.

Speaking on Cheap Heat, Brian Gewirtz noted that The Rock has too much invested in his acting career and his image to risk appearing on WWE programming while the Writer’s Guild of America are still striking.

“I personally don’t think…obviously, there are bigger things going on in the world in general, but even in the entertainment landscape, I would be…even though WWE is not affiliated with any of the guilds and not affiliated with SAG, it’s a bad look for a prominent actor like The Rock, Cena [John Cena], Batista [Dave Bautista] to appear on an entertainment program while there is a strike going on and people are not getting paid and are striking. Yes, it’s not insane, but appearing on television in an entertainment capacity is not a great look when a strike is going.”

One of The Rock’s friends explains why Rock hasn’t been so public with his support of WWE as of late

Additionally, Gewirtz noted that there’s a good reason for The Rock’s continued silence surrounding WWE’s current storylines. According to Gewirtz, the moment that The Rock makes any sort of connection to WWE, especially on social media, it becomes a Pandora’s Box situation and there would be no turning back afterwards.

“I would be shocked if The Rock appeared anytime soon while the strike is going on, but I would be equally, if not more shocked if The Rock never appeared in a WWE ring again and figuring in the storyline at some point. It needs to be crafted, discussed, and thought about.

We’ve never talked about this, just my opinion, if The Rock tweeted something about The Bloodline, it’s not like if I tweeted something. If he tweeted something, the gates of hell are open. It’s hard to close the door again once you do it, once you dip your toe into the pool, it’s on.

You can tweet Grayson Waller, he can tweet back, and it can be a funny exchange, but there’s not going to be this pitchfork like mentality of ‘what are you waiting for, do it, you started it.’ Once you start doing the Bloodline thing, it’s time to go. That’s why you have to be very judicious and careful.”

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