LA Knight Addresses His “Amazingly Fast Climb” In WWE

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Everybody in WWE is talking about the rise of LA Knight as he has become one of the hottest Superstars.

Over the last few months, crowd reactions for LA Knight have continued to get louder, his t-shirts are selling out, and his catchphrase has taken over with fans in unison saying “Yeah”.

The Megastar is celebrating winning the Slim Jim Battle Royale at Saturday’s SummerSlam, with the Detroit crowd making it known Knight was their favorite in the match.

Following his win, Knight took part in the SummerSlam Press Conference and was asked about the speed with which fans have taken to him since changing back to his NXT persona following a brief stint as Max Dupri.

The Former Million Dollar Champion admitted he did not “necessarily” expect to see the level of popularity after debuting on SmackDown toward the end of 2022.

“LA Knight only appeared on the SmackDown roster in October, so in a weird way this has been an amazingly fast climb… Did I know that it was going to this level this quickly, not necessarily. But damn, here we are. For me, everybody is talking about ‘Oh he needs the rocket strapped to him’, look, I’ll strap my rocket to myself, and that is exactly what I’ve done.”

Knight would go on to discuss his career in general and how he feels his desire to continue is helping resonate with the WWE fans.

“I don’t know how to give up, I don’t know how to quit, I think a lot of people in my journey would have quit a long time ago.”

Everybody Wearing LA Knight As The Megastar Looks To Secure Gold

As the passion toward LA Knight continues to grow, the WWE Universe is also supporting by making him the number one and two most purchased t-shirts from WWE Shop.

After his success in the Slim Jim Battle Royale fans will be eager to see Knight receive an opportunity to secure a first main roster Championship.

Should Austin Theory retain the United States Championship this Friday on SmackDown, it could set up a feud with The Megastar.

Rumors have spread over the last few weeks that Knight could be next in line for the United States Championship following SummerSlam and with WWE announcing a record quarter with live event sales and merchandise sales increasing, seeing the US Championship around the waist of Knight would be a hot ticket for WWE fans.

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