Konnan On The Elite Going “Beyond Being Professional”

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Konnan has spoken of his experiences working with The Elite, claiming that they go above and beyond when it comes to their professionalism.

Eyebrows were raised about the professionalism of The Young Bucks and Kenny Omega following the backstage brawl which took place after AEW All Out, which led to all three men being suspended and stripped of the company’s new Trios Championships. The brawl also involved CM Punk, who had his newly-won World Championship taken away and many have questioned whether he will ever return to AEW.

With all being Executive Vice Presidents of the company, they remain suspended whilst an investigation in to the fracas is ongoing.

Konnan has had plenty of dealings with The Elite, not just through his spell in AEW but also when booking the trio for AAA in Mexico on numerous occasions.

In a new interview with Wrestling Inc’s Nick Hausman, Konnan has given his take on Kenny Omega and The Young Bucks, who respectively held singles and tag team gold under his watchful eye. He says that they always did all they could when it came to being professional.

Bro, the Young Bucks and Kenny Omega, they’re not just professional, they go over and beyond being professional. That’s very hard to find nowadays. I’ve never had a problem with him. I’ve never heard him hating on anybody.

I’ve never heard them say, ‘No, well you need to give me this,’ or, ‘I can’t lose clean,’ or, ‘I can’t lose to this guy.’ They’re always going to do what’s best for business. That’s why to me, when I hear that [they have issues with anyone], it’s almost like Rey Mysterio. Not because he is my boy, but because he’s just such a kind, gentle soul, or somebody like X-Pac.

If I hear that you’ve got a problem with them, I know it’s not X-Pac, it’s more than likely you. That’s just the way it is.

Konnan also noted that finding professionals in Mexico can become difficult, but that the trio were certainly an exception.

With thanks to Wrestling Inc for the transcription.