Kenny Omega “Done” If Injured Again

Kenny Omega with AEW Championship

Former AEW World Champion Kenny Omega has confirmed that one more injury would call time on his wrestling career.

Since losing his title to ‘Hangman’ Adam Page at Full Gear in November 2021, Kenny Omega has not competed in an AEW ring whilst going through rehabilitation on multiple injuries.

The list of injuries ‘The Best Bout Machine’ has been attempting to get fixed includes a torn labrum in his shoulder, a hernia, and issues with his knees. Omega also confirmed that he has been suffering from vertigo since 2018.

Speaking on the CEO Gaming Twitch channel, Kenny Omega has opened up on how difficult the rehabilitation from the injuries has been, and how one more similar injury would cause him to step away from the squared circle for good.

If I get another major setback, that’s it. That’s it, I’m done, I can’t do this ever again. Two times, three times a day, really painful rehab, not even knowing what it’s going to be like when I get back in the ring. I have no clue. It’s scary, actually. You see people, they come back to the ring and you’re just happy to see them back. There is a different kind of expectation put on me, and I think that anything less than what they are expecting, which is already unrealistic, is going to lead to a lot of ridicule, which is what I get every day anyway.

You can probably understand and imagine how difficult it is, struggling twice, three times a day, trying to get things to work that maybe never worked before, and trying to re-route things in your brain to get around the things that aren’t going heal. People think, ‘Kenny is hurt, he took time off,’ snap your fingers, I come back and I’m 100%. Life doesn’t work that way. Bodies don’t work that way. Athletes don’t work that way. It’s very difficult to formulate a plan and to execute it. We’ll see how I do.

With thanks to Fightful for the transcription.