Movie On Life Of Top Ex-WWE Star Coming To Netflix

WWE and Netflix logos over blurred background

A new movie with a big WWE connection is coming to Netflix.

According to a new report from Deadline, Ronda Rousey has agreed a deal with Netflix to turn her recent autobiography Our Fight into a movie. Furthermore, Rousey will make her debut as a screenwriter on the project, although she won’t star in the film.

The movie will also cover her earlier book My Fight/Your Fight which was released in 2015.

According to the report, Rousey fought hard to make sure she was the one to adapt the books for Netflix.

After months of working in coverage, she was challenged by her long-time WME agents, who have been with her pre-UFC, to write the script about her life, a task she handled all by herself in just seven days, blowing away her agents her couldn’t believe the script was from a first time writer…

Knowing they had something special, insiders say when the package was taken to the market, the front page of the script was torn off prior to the meeting with Netflix, that way execs went in with no pre-conceived bias and only found out who wrote it after they had finished the script.

Execs immediately reached out about who the writer was after reading the script and even after finding out it was Rousey did not take long before putting in an offer.

Former WWE Figure Blasts Ronda Rousey

Meanwhile, former WWE and UFC announcer Jimmy Smith recently took aim at Ronda Rousey, claiming that people within UFC cheered when she got knocked out.

Smith said people behind the scenes “can’t stand her ass,” because she was always mean to them.