Kane Reveals The Most Scary Thing In His WWE Career That He’s Done


Recently, WWE Hall of Famer Glenn “Kane” Jacobs revealed the “most terrifying thing” that he’s ever done throughout his entire WWE career.

Having multiple gimmicks that failed at the beginning of his career, Jacobs would debut as his Kane character in 1997, and since then, has gone on to have an iconic career with World Wrestling Entertainment which eventually led him to being the mayor of Knox County, Tennessee today. In his wrestling career as Kane, he won multiple championships, including three world titles.

Jacobs has had multiple notable moments in his career as a professional wrestler, and on Sunday, October 16, 2022, WWE acknowledged that fact on their Twitter, celebrating the 20-year anniversary of the character doing his own rendition of the Spin-a-Roonie, made famous by Booker T. Known as “The Big Red Monster,” Jacobs responded to the post, saying it was the “most terrifying moment” that he’s ever had in professional wrestling.

“Of all the terrifying things I’ve ever done, this ranks at the very top.”

In the ring, Glenn “Kane” Jacobs would have his last action when he entered into the 2021 Royal Rumble, and since that appearance, he has shown up on WWE TV on an occasional basis. The last time that the mayor appeared on television with World Wrestling Entertainment was in Nashville where he spoke briefly to fans at SummerSlam.