Jim Cornette Explains What Will Bring “The End Of Wrestling”

Jim Cornette

Long-time wrestling manager Jim Cornette has waded into the scandal engulfing WWE and Vince McMahon and explains what could happen that would “end the wrestling business.”

Vince McMahon has stepped back from his roles as WWE Chairman and CEO, at least temporarily, while the company’s Board of Directors completes an investigation into him over alleged hush-money payments and affairs with employees.

Stephanie McMahon has plugged the gap as WWE’s new Chairwoman and CEO on an interim basis although her father still retains control of the company’s creative direction.

Now speaking on the Jim Cornette Experience, the wrestling icon explained why the fallout from this whole saga could effectively end the wrestling business as anyone has ever known it:

“I think the WWE without Vince McMahon in charge, one way or another – I’m not talking about creative, we know what I think about his creative – the WWE without Vince McMahon around will be a giant clusterf*ck. And then it will be sold and will turn into a corporate conglomerate that bears even less resemblance to pro wrestling than it does already.”

“All of the people who’ve never been in the wrestling will be tickled pink to work there because it’s such a lovely place filled with lollipops and sunshine and friendship and rainbows, and it will be the beginning of the end of the wrestling business.”

“I’m thinking this wrestling war is the first time one side didn’t win and it didn’t propel both of their business to new heights. This is going to be the wrestling war that finishes the whole business off.”

h/t Sportskeeda