Former WWE Star Makes Marvel Cinematic Universe Debut


Another former WWE star has made it to Hollywood.

Former WWE star and on-screen personality, David Otunga made a cameo in the hit Disney Plus series, ‘She Hulk: Attorney At Law’. Otunga appeared in the show’s latest episode ‘Is This Not Real Magic?’ where he went on a date with the show’s main character, Jennifer Walters. During his appearance, Otunga disregarded Walters’ hopes for a romantic conversation at a restaurant and challenged her to a weight lifting competition before yelling at their waiter, which ended the scene.

Otunga isn’t a stranger to Hollywood, as the 42-year-old has appeared in a number of films, including ‘A Made Family Funeral’ and ‘The Call’ in addition to hit TV shows, ‘Criminal Minds’ and ‘General Hospital’.

Otunga signed with WWE’s former developmental territory, FCW in 2008 before appearing in NXT, two-years later. Otunga most famously was part of the original Nexus when the group invaded Monday Night RAW on June 7, 2010 and attacked John Cena and CM Punk during the pair’s main event match. Otunga would hold many roles in WWE during his lengthy spell with the company, including both on and off-screen roles, including being Curtis Axel’s ‘legal counsel’, serving as a commentator for both RAW and SmackDown before ultimately departing the company in 2018. Otunga last appeared on WWE programming during WrestleMania 36’s kick-off show.

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