Dutch Mantell Wants AEW Stars Fined & Suspended

Zeb Colter Dutch Mantel cuts a promo on WWE Raw 2013

Having witnessed a number of nasty landings in All Elite Wrestling, Dutch Mantell has called for those guilty to be treated as such.

An unprotected neck bump, while cool in execution, can also mark the end of the receiver’s career. At the very least, it’s most likely going to result in a prolonged period of time away from the ring – just this year, Big E broke his neck from a belly-to-belly suplex. It can happen with the most basic of moves.

According to Dutch Mantell, better known to WWE fans as Zeb Colter, those who execute these precarious spots, knowing full well the risk involved, should be “suspended and fined”. Mantell took to Twitter to ridicule Nyla Rose and Marina Shafir, who executed a potentially deadly flapjack and DDT hybrid.

Mantell tweeted again on the situation, posting a compilation of devastating bumps involving the neck and asking if AEW’s legal team should step into resolve matters. The video began with a recent example, showing Sammy Guevara recklessly dumping Ruby Soho on her neck in the same match where Tay Melo broke Soho’s nose.

Given AEW’s more risque presentation, such bumps have become a normal aspect of company programming. Thankfully, no career-ending injuries have thus far been suffered but as the severity of these bumps rises, so does concern for those involved.