CM Punk Threatened To Quit AEW After Jack Perry Altercation

CM Punk promo on AEW Collision

Production staff was on high alert in case changes needed to be made to AEW All In after the altercation between CM Punk and Jack Perry.

Drama continues to follow CM Punk, and frustration has reportedly reached a boiling point.

During Jack Perry’s match with HOOK on the All In pre-show, the former Jungle Boy looked into the camera and said, “It’s real glass, cry me a river.” His words were in direct reference to reports that he and CM Punk had gotten into an argument on an early episode of Collision that stemmed from Perry wanting to use real glass as part of a spot and Punk putting a stop to that.

While accounts differ on what exactly went down once Perry came backstage after losing the FTW Championship to HOOK, it’s been reported that an altercation took place between Perry and Punk and that Perry was sent home from the arena while Punk went on to defeat Samoa Joe in the opening bout of the main show. Punk reportedly met with security after his bout and left Wembley Stadium of his own accord as he believed it would be better for everyone involved.

Now, an update from Wade Keller of PWTorch reveals that in the heat of the moment, Punk threatened to quit the company, leading to production staff being on high alert in case All In had to start late or if the match order had to be changed. Keller writes:

“PWTorch is told that in the aftermath of the incident between C.M. Punk and Jack Perry last night that Punk, in the heat of the moment, was threatening to quit AEW over his frustration with everything that happened. Punk has made it clear since his return that he wants a drama-free locker room environment; he has largelyv achieved that on Collision, although it has come with controversy because of his restrictions on whom he does and doesn’t want allowed backstage at Collision.

“According to PWTorch sources, the production team in AEW was alerted to the possibility or concerned about possibly having having to change match order because of the incident, which happened right before Punk’s match against Samoa Joe on the PPV. There was brief concern there’d have to be a delay in the start of the show as they scrambled to produce a different opening match. Punk, though, quickly regrouped and went through with the match as scheduled.”

Who Started The Fight Between CM Punk And Jack Perry?

Continuing in his report, Wade Keller reports that CM Punk initiated the conversation between himself and Perry after Perry’s comments in his match against HOOK, asking the young star if they had a problem. Perry reportedly responded that Punk started the situation by making him look bad in reports online, and this was his way of responding.

According to some PWTorch sources close to AEW management, it’s likely Perry will take more of the blame for this incident than CM Punk as he initiated the situation with his comments during his match. Many backstage are reportedly frustrated that once again, a backstage incident involving Punk is taking attention away from the pay-per-view AEW presented.