CM Punk Wants AEW Collision To Be A “Low-Drama Environment”

CM Punk on commentary

Drama surrounding CM Punk continues, but according to one report, he wants AEW Collision to be drama-free.

Earlier today, Fightful Select reported that Ryan Nemeth was brought to AEW Collision ahead of the August 12th episode, but when he arrived, he was told he wasn’t needed and that a flight had been booked for him to return home immediately. Nemeth has previously butted heads with CM Punk in the past, calling him out on social media and getting into a backstage confrontation during Punk’s unadvertised appearance on the June 21st Dynamite.

A report from Wade Keller of PWTorch provided backstage details on the confrontation between Nemeth and CM Punk, noting that while the two men shook hands afterwards, tensions remained high.

In addition, according to Dave Meltzer, ‘Hangman’ Adam Page was reportedly sent away from Collision, being told to film a pre-taped promo segment for Dynamite somewhere away from the venue. Punk cut a scathing promo on Page after the show went off the air, calling him a “peg-warmer” as his merchandise remains on shelves at stores while Punk’s merch sells out.

Wade Keller of PWTorch noted that wrestlers are in an “awkward position” when it comes to speaking out against CM Punk backstage as AEW President Tony Khan has made it clear that not only is Punk integral to the company’s strategy for selling PPV’s, tickets, and merchandise, but Khan himself is a big fan of Punk. Keller notes that wrestlers without political power backstage have a feeling to “lay low” when it comes to Punk as they don’t want to end up on his list of enemies.

CM Punk Sees Collision As “His Show” And Wants A “Low-Drama Environment”

Continuing, Keller reports that other than the stated issues, Punk has been praised for his leadership behind the scenes, writing:

“Punk otherwise has received good reviews for his leadership behind the scenes. He is fiercely protective of Collision being a low drama environment, which is why he doesn’t want wrestlers he perceives as disloyal or too closely aligned with The Elite crew to be backstage at Collision. He sees Collision as his show and his chance to provide the type of leadership that he is critical of the executive vice presidents not providing on Dynamite, but that has extended to Punk having essentially veto power over who can be present backstage at Collision events.”

Back in July CM Punk led a talent meeting at AEW Collision where talent were encouraged to differentiate the show from Dynamite.