Backstage Details On CM Punk-Led AEW Collision Talent Meeting

cm punk aew microphone

A new report sheds more light on a talent meeting led by CM Punk ahead of the July 8th episode of AEW Collision.

Last week, a report from Fightful Select revealed that a talent meeting had been held ahead of the July 8th episode of AEW Collision. At the time, details about the meeting were scarce, but Fightful did note that many talent on Dynamite were unaware of the meeting taking place.

Now, an update from Fightful Select sheds more light on the talent meeting, reporting that the reason many Dynamite talent were unaware is that the meeting largely centered on how Collision has distinguished itself from the Wednesday night brand, even to the point where many critics of Dynamite have been praising Collision.

The report also notes that the meeting was led by CM Punk, and several topics were discussed as to how Collision could continue to separate itself from Dynamite, including using different match finishes. Talent reportedly discussed what was and wasn’t good for their brand, including certain finishes and shenanigans in matches.

According to Fightful Select, other topics covered in the meeting included the promotion of AEW projects and shows, particularly the new Fight Forever video game, which was released at the end of June. Some of the company’s new safety guidelines were also discussed.