CM Punk Behind AEW Head Of Talent Relations Missing Collision

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CM Punk is keeping AEW’s Head of Talent Relations away from shows.

In the latest twist in the saga of CM Punk in AEW, it emerged that several people had either been asked to leave Collision or not attend the show after initially being flown in because of the star.

Hangman Adam Page was believed to have been in Greensboro to attend the show and record an interview for Dynamite but was then told to stay clear of the arena where Collision was being held. After Collision went off the air, Punk lambasted Page to the live crowd but is since said to have “felt bad” about his outburst.

Another person implicated was Ryan Nemeth who had previously Tweeted about Punk being the “softest man alive” although he did not name Punk in the Tweet. Nemeth was believed to have been told to leave the show and it appears the Tweet was the cause after all.

Perhaps most interestingly, AEW’s own Head of Talent Relations Christopher Daniels was unable to attend Collision and it seems Punk was behind that decision as well.

Did CM Punk stop AEW’s Head of Talent Relations from being at Collision?

Haus of Wrestling has now confirmed that Christopher Daniels and Ryan Nemeth both being asked to stay from Collision was down to issues with Punk. The Tweet Nemeth put out was said to have done him “no favours” and was the reason he was asked to leave Collision. With his last AEW match coming in March 2023 and with him only competing in Ring of Honor once since then, it is reasonable to assume his future under Tony Khan is in a lot of doubt.

Christopher Daniels was one of a wider group of people initially suspended for a short spell after the All Out fight but he along with others quickly returned to work after their role in the situation was investigated. However, it is this involvement that meant he was asked to stay away from Collision despite being AEW’s Head of Talent Relations.

Daniels’ situation was likened to that of Ace Steel who is alleged to have bit Kenny Omega and have thrown a chair at the head of Nick Jackson during the infamous fight. Steel was fired but returned to the company as part of protracted negotiations with CM Punk over his own return. Steel is a producer but works remotely and is not permitted backstage at any shows, this caveat is what is believed to be behind Punk wanting Daniels kept out of Collision. It should be noted that Daniels was never alleged to have bitten or thrown chairs at any AEW employees.