AEW Sent Wrestler Home From Collision Due To Past Issues With CM Punk

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A new report has details about an AEW wrestler getting sent home from Collision while also revealing past issues with CM Punk.

The backstage issues between CM Punk and AEW wrestlers continue to be a story. This time it doesn’t involve a member of The Elite. It’s about Ryan Nemeth, who is rarely seen on AEW’s main television shows.

It has been reported by Fightful Select that Ryan Nemeth was brought into town for the Collision tapings on Saturday in Greensboro, North Carolina. After arriving in town, Nemeth was told that he won’t be needed at the show and a flight was booked for Nemeth to return home.

That is an awkward situation obviously because there are always going to be people flown to shows and not used, but in this case, Nemeth was immediately sent home.

In the report from Fightful, it was noted that Nemeth is a regular on the “Being The Elite” YouTube show that is run by AEW’s EVPs The Young Bucks (Matt & Nick Jackson), who got into a backstage fight with CM Punk in September 2022.

It was reported that Nemeth was confronted by CM Punk shortly after CM Punk’s return two months ago on Collision in June. It was noted that Punk took exception to Nemeth’s “literally the softest man alive” tweet that followed Punk’s return promo.

Apparently, CM Punk didn’t like the comment. Since CM Punk has a lot of power on AEW Collision especially, it led to Nemeth being sent home. Fightful added that Nemeth tried to explain himself in the past and nothing physical happened between anybody involved.

Ryan Nemeth is the younger brother of WWE’s Dolph Ziggler, who worked with CM Punk for many years in WWE from the mid-2000s until Punk left the company in 2014.

CM Punk Mocked “Hangman” Adam Page After AEW Collision

In other news coming from AEW Collision, CM Punk also did a promo about “Hangman” Adam Page, who wasn’t on Collision, nor has he been involved in anything with Punk since they feuded in May 2022 over the AEW World TItle. At that time, Page went off script in a promo to trash Punk. It was something Punk remembered because he vented about Hangman during his 2022 AEW All Out press conference rant.

After Collision was finished, Punk did a promo because he saw a sign saying “this is Hangman country.” Punk said this about Hangamn:

“I went to a local supermarket and I figured out why they call him Hangman. It’s because the pegs in the toy aisle are full of Hangman action figures because nobody wants to buy them. He’s a peg warmer, unlike me, who moves merchandise, pops ratings, sells toys.”

That promo was not planned or part of any show. It was just CM Punk saying what he wants.

Back in June when CM Punk returned to AEW after being away for nine months, Punk blasted Hangman Page again saying that Hangman “poisoned everything” about during their 2022 rivalry.