CM Punk Has Interesting Reaction To Will Ospreay Changing NJPW Title

cm punk aew world title collision

CM Punk knows about changing the look of a championship in pro wrestling, which is why he had an interesting reaction to the look of an NJPW Title being altered.

It was two weeks ago on the July 29th episode of Collision when CM Punk opened up his red back to unveil the “Real AEW World Championship” that Punk never lost. Punk was injured in September 2022, was gone for about nine months after a torn triceps surgery and has since returned to action.

In CM Punk’s opinion, he is still the AEW World Champion. Punk even edited his AEW World Title by spraying an “X” on it because Punk has had that X on his wrist tape for most of his 25-year career because it represents Punk’s straight edge lifestyle. According to Punk, it means he is straight edge and he is better than you.

With that in mind, there’s another prominent wrestler that changed a championship this past weekend. Will Ospreay of NJPW has discarded the IWGP US Title and has renamed it the IWGP UK Title since Ospreay is from England in the United Kingdom. Ospreay explained the title switch this way.

“The belt doesn’t make the man, the man makes the belt, and I am sick to death of carrying something I have no attachment to. I don’t want to carry this (US) flag. I’ve been to America and been the best in the world. Canada, Europe, Australia and Japan, I am the best in the world. The best in the world is from the United Kingdom.”

CM Punk was obviously made aware of it, so on his Instagram stories. Punk posted a picture of Ospreay with the new IWGP UK Title and wrote this.

“Bruv, very disrespectful to just change the belt like this. You cannot just do things like this, this isn’t a real belt now I hope Inoki fires you.”

While there might be some media outlets that take Punk’s comments seriously, the feeling here is that Punk was being very sarcastic and facetious in this instance. After all, Punk is known for being that way, so he was likely just making a joke since Punk also changed the AEW World Title and likely had a lot of fans saying it was “disrespectful” to change a belt like this.

Furthermore, NJPW Founder Antonio Inoki has passed away, which again is another reason to explain that Punk is just joking here.

CM Punk Expected To Face Samoa Joe At AEW All In

The biggest show in AEW history is coming on Sunday, August 27th at Wembley Stadium in London, England with over 80,000+ people in attendance.

It’s not official yet, but CM Punk is expected to face his old rival from the ROH days nearly 20 years ago and recently on Collision…Samoa Joe. During this week’s Collision main event, Punk was attacked by Joe and choked out while Punk was part of a six-man tag team match that his team lost.