AEW Head Of Talent Relations Told To Avoid Collision

Tony Khan AEW

It’s not just Adam Page who AEW has told to avoid Collision.

The backstage issues in AEW are no secret ever since the backstage fight that erupted after All Out in 2022 which involved CM Punk and The Elite. Since then, those two sides have been kept apart for the most part with Punk being the cornerstone of the company’s Collision show and The Elite working on Dynamite.

The latest twist in the story saw Punk badmouth Adam Page after Collision in Greensboro, North Carolina and it has since emerged that Ryan Nemeth – who previously sent out a social media message insinuating that CM Punk was “soft” was said to be told to go home after being flown in for the show.

Adam Page was also believed to have had the same thing happen to him after originally being brought to Greensboro to film a pre-tape interview before being told that it would have to be done away from the arena holding Collision.

Who else has AEW told to stay away from Collision?

Speaking on Wrestling Observer Radio, Dave Meltzer noted that Adam Page and Ryan Nemeth are not the only AEW stars that have been told to steer clear of Collision with the same thing happening to Matt Hardy and incredibly the company’s own Head of Talent Relations, Christopher Daniels:

“Well, Matt Hardy was booked on a Saturday, went there, and was told not to go to the building, that was not last night. Christopher Daniels for whatever reason, same thing happened with him, he’s not supposed to go on Saturday, and he is fricking Head of Talent Relations. There may be others, but those are the ones that I know of.”

On Collision in Greensboro, CM Punk teamed with FTR but the team failed to dethrone The House of Black for the AEW Trios Championship.

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