AEW Suspends Ricky Starks From Wrestling For 30 Days

ricky starks aew belt

It was announced that Ricky Starks was suspended by AEW as a wrestler due to some indecent behavior recently on AEW Collision.

In the main event on the August 5th edition of AEW Collision, CM Punk defeated Ricky Starks to retain the AEW “Real World Championship” in a match that saw WWE Hall of Famer Ricky Steamboat as the special enforcer outside the ring.

There was a referee bump late in the match, so when Punk pinned Starks, Steamboat had to go in the ring to count the pin as Punk retained his championship.

After the match, the heel Starks wasn’t happy about what happened to he took off Steamboat’s leather belt and whipped Steamboat with the belt. Starks whipped Steamboat several times before Punk made the save and Starks retreated at that point.

Ricky Starks Has Been Suspended For His Actions

On last night’s episode of AEW Collision in Greensboro, Ricky Starks was informed by announcer Tony Schiavone that Starks was suspended from wrestling for 30 days due to Ricky’s attack on the legendary Ricky Steamboat.

That led to Starks delivering a fired up promo where he said he had a manager’s license and that he’s going to “set this whole damn company on fire” because of how angry he is.

“You have to have consequences for your actions. And I’m not talking about myself. I’m talking about Steamboat. Steamboat cost me the match, so I had to whoop his ass. Every single parent here understands. The other thing I want to touch on…yeah, I figured you guys would suspend me. All you people backstage want to play in my face like I’m some type of joke. So, I went and got a manager’s license. I’m still going to be on this show each and every week because this is my show!

“You don’t have to like me, but you don’t have to love me, but guess what, you will respect me. I’m unhinged right now. CM Punk, I want you to know one thing. Blood is on your hands, brother. You brought that man into this ring, and you are the reason that he got 10 lashes. So, my question to you is, you got the W, and I got the L, but guess what? I can live with mine, can you? No. You aren’t Superman, you aren’t bulletproof, and you damn sure ain’t ‘Absolute’ Ricky Starks.

“Right here, right now, I am proclaiming that I am going to set this whole damn company on fire and I’m going to start next week. You want a war? Guess what? I’m going to bring a war to your front door and I’m going to make sure your mommy, your daddy, and your sister all understand that I am ‘Absolute’ Ricky Starks and there ain’t nobody like me on Dynamite and on this damn show!”

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