Nick Jackson Explains Immediate Frustration After Blood & Guts

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Nick Jackson admits that the Blood and Guts match was not his proudest moment.

Teaming with brother Matt, Kenny Omega, “Hangman” Adam Page and a debuting Kota Ibushi, The Golden Elite would win the violent match against The Blackpool Combat Club when both PAC and Komosuke Takeshita made their exit from the cage. With the BCC at a distinct disadvantage, Jon Moxley would surrender for his team when Wheeler Yuta was being choked with a chain.

The Young Bucks gave their perspective on the match in an appearance on the Swerve City Podcast. Nick Jackson admitted that he was happy that no one was hurt at the end of the match, but wishes the bout could have been better:

Nick: There are some moments, I’ll be honest, I want to say it was Blood & Guts, we had to take the match home quick. I look at Matt and Hangman, “Dangit! That wasn’t the best match. I wanted it to be the best match.’ Matt is like, ‘are we all healthy? Can we walk?’ ‘Yeah. Oh, you’re right.’

Matt: I’m like, ‘Who cares? I’m going to Hawaii.’

Nick: Even I get lost sometimes in the moment, ‘I wanted it to go this way, but I’m healthy, whatever.’

Matt: I remember, I was like, ‘Did you try your best?’ ‘Yeah.’ ‘I did too.’

Nick: That was in the ring, not backstage. The bell rang, we’re raising our hands, and I’m like, ‘Dangit.’

Continuing the conversation, the former AEW Tag Team Champions would watch the match back later that day. They collectively agreed that they were too harsh on themselves originally ad enjoyed how their performance came across on TV.

Matt: Later that night, we’re eating Wendy’s, just the two of us, watching the match back, and we were popping for everything. At the end of the hour, we’re like, ‘that was friggin’ great.’

Nick: Yeah. I was like, ‘what was I mad about?’

In the same interview, The Young Bucks admitted that they have a unique way of stepping away from the wrestling industry when the time comes.

Is Nick Jackson Older Than Matt Jackson?

The AEW tag team are real-life brothers, with Matt being older than Nick by 4 years. Always remaining as a duo throughout their career, The Bucks have expressed an interest in having a brother vs. brother match on AEW Dynamite.

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