AEW’s Nick Jackson Tried To Buy Iconic Wrestling Promotion

Nick Jackson

The Young Bucks’ Nick Jackson once tried to buy a popular independent promotion.

Matt and Nick Jackson have performed together as The Young Bucks for nearly two decades, and speaking to fellow AEW star Swerve Scott on a recent episode of Swerve City, the brothers opened up about their plans once their time in the squared circle is through.

First, Matt revealed that he plans to retire without fanfare, with Nick confirming that his brother can easily disappear from the public eye and has no problem being off the grid.

Matt: For me, once I’m done in-ring, I’ll never announce it, I’ll never be like, ‘Oh, I’m retired.’ I’ll just walk away and people will be like, ‘whatever happened to that guy?’

Nick: For him, it’s easier. He just went to Hawaii and I didn’t hear from him for ten days.

Matt: I turned my phone off. I’m good at just going off the radar.

Nick Jackson Once Tried To Purchase PWG

While Matt Jackson may want to fade from public view when his time in the ring is done, Nick has other plans in mind and would eventually love to return to his independent wrestling roots by running a smaller promotion. Nick revealed that he once tried to purchase Pro Wrestling Guerilla, the popular California-based promotion where the brothers worked for many years. However, Matt chided his brother for making a “low-ball” offer.

Nick: For me, I’m different. I like to stay entertained and busy. For me, it’d be hard. I fantasize about running this small Indie one day. How fun would that be? Buy PWG from Super Dragon. I tried to buy PWG once, he didn’t go for the offer. One day, Super Dragon.

Matt: You low-balled him.

Nick: I got him back. He said ‘no’ right away.

Matt: We heard from him six or seven months ago. We did the Forum show, a ladder match [January 11 episode of AEW Dynamite], that night he sent me a text message, ‘Yo, great match.’ ‘You watched it?’ ‘I was there.’ ‘Excuse me?’ ‘It’s crazy that you’re still tearing the house down after all these years.’ ‘You have no idea how much that means.’ I looked up to Super Dragon. He’s this weird immortal wrestling God.

Elsewhere in the interview, The Young Bucks spoke about not wanting to split up as a tag team and their decision to re-sign with All Elite Wrestling.

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