Another AEW Star In Collision ‘Ban’


Another AEW star is apparently not welcome at Collision.

The drama surrounding CM Punk in AEW reared its head again after Collision on the 12th of August when Punk cut a promo blasting Hangman Adam Page. Reports have since stated that Punk was attempting to do comedy but it quickly backfired with the crowd turning on him and he has since reached out to Page despite their obviously strained relationship to apologise.

In the wake of that story, details emerged about Page being asked to stay away from the Collision arena despite previously being booked to record an interview for Dynamite. Things began to snowball and Ryan Nemeth was named as someone involved in an “aggressive” confrontation with Punk that led to him leaving the arena as well.

AEW’s own Head of Talent Relations Christopher Daniels is apparently not welcome at Collision either at Punk’s behest and Matt Hardy was another AEW star not welcome at the Saturday show, although reports have suggested Punk denies responsibility for that. But it seems more AEW stars will be sticking to Wednesdays and Fridays than previously thought.

Which other AEW star implicated in Collision mess?

Speaking on Wrestling Observer Live, Bryan Alvarez recapped the events of the previous few days and named Isiah Kassidy of The Hardy Party as another AEW star apparently not welcome at Collision:

“Here’s what we actually know about this is that Hangman wasn’t there on Saturday night, he cut that promo on the Hangman and then he apologised via text to the Hangman. There are a number of other people that cannot go to the Collision show including Ryan Nemeth, Christopher Daniels, Matt Hardy – I saw the name Isiah Kassidy, that was the one I didn’t know about and there are others that have never been booked for Collision and they believe they are not allowed on Collision but they’ve never been told that they haven’t been allowed on Collision.

“Apparently CM Punk specifically told Voices of Wrestling, like they said this is from CM Punk, he claimed that yes I am responsible for Ryan Nemeth and Chris Daniels not being at the show but I am not responsible for Matt Hardy and I guess some others being at the show. All we know is they’re not allowed at the show.”

What this means for the future in AEW remains to be seen but the company is on the brink of holding its biggest show of all time with All In. It remains to be seen if the Wembley Stadium locker rooms will have enough space for everyone involved.

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