Kenny Omega’s AEW Contract Length Confirmed

Kenny Omega

The length of Kenny Omega’s new AEW deal may have been revealed.

Kenny Omega, The Young Bucks, and Adam Page have put an end to any speculation about their futures by signing new deals with AEW. The company confirmed the new deals ahead of the 200th edition of Dynamite but the exact length of the deals had not been revealed.

Speaking on Torg & Elliott, Mark Henry gave his thoughts on CM Punk and Kenny Omega and ranks them very highly before seemingly confirming just how long Omega has re-signed with AEW:

“The top 100 wrestlers of all time, they’re halfway on it. CM Punk and Kenny Omega are in the top 40 of all time. People don’t realize, you go to the NFL, look up the top 100 football players, see who is in the top 40. It will blow your mind. Same thing with any other sport.

“I’d like to see the top 100 baseball players and see who is the top 40. It’s nothing to sneeze at. I believe in both of those guys being great competitors and I feel they have a lot left, multiple years. Kenny Omega just signed a new deal. He’s going to be around another four years.”

Kenny Omega could have big plans for All In

Although it has been confirmed that The Young Bucks will be on the All In card where they will challenge FTR for the AEW Tag Team Championship, it still remains unknown what Kenny Omega’s role will be on possibly the biggest wrestling show of all time.

Omega is planned to be part of a sit-down interview with Jim Ross on the 16th of August edition of Dynamite where things should become clearer.

h/t Fightful