CM Punk Apologised To Adam Page After Collision Rant

CM Punk Hangman Adam Page

CM Punk reached out to Adam Page after his inflammatory Collision comments.

CM Punk was in action on Collision on Saturday night as the man who calls himself the “Real World Champion” teamed with the actual AEW Tag Team Champions FTR to challenge The House of Black for the AEW Trios Title. CMFTR were unable to win more gold due in no small part to Samoa Joe but Punk did succeed in stirring up a hornet’s nest.

Punk – whose issues with The Elite are well known – took to the microphone after Collision was off the air and tore into Hangman Adam Page. Punk called Page a “peg-hanger” claiming that the Hangman’s merch was left hanging in stores while he’s the one who sells merch and tickets for the company.

Reports then surfaced suggesting that Adam Page was brought to Greensboro to record an interview but was then told to keep away from the arena where Collision was taking place. The Elite and CM Punk have, for the most part, been kept on separate shows since Punk came back to AEW on the debut edition of Collision.

CM Punk attempted a “comedy line”

Speaking on Wrestling Observer Radio, Bryan Alvarez confirmed that CM Punk reached out to Adam Page after the incident to offer an apology:

“There are a few things that we can confirm and they’ve been confirmed from both sides and one of them is a claim from the CM Punk side that he apologised to Hangman Page. There were other things that were claimed as well but what I can say is that he did in fact send a text to Hangman Page apologising for the promo on Saturday. So that is from both sides, that did happen, he did apologise to him via text message.”

Dave Meltzer added that he heard that Punk’s comments regarding Page were meant to be humorous but he quickly realised that they were not being received that way:

“The story that I got defending him was that it was an attempt to do a comedy line that backfired and he realised the minute he did it that it backfired. I watched the thing and it certainly seemed like he got mad at a sign in the crowd and that was his reaction to it.”

CM Punk is reported to have got up close and personal with another AEW star who reacted to previous comments made by Punk and he was removed from Collision as a result.

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