AEW Talent Pushed For Released WWE Star To Sign “Months Ago”

Tony Khan AEW

Many in AEW want a former WWE star snapped up.

WWE brought back the practice of mass layoffs recently with several stars cut from the roster. Mustafa Ali announced his departure to get the ball rolling before Emma did the same.

Several other talents then followed with former World Heavyweight Champion Dolph Ziggler and Matt Riddle being the two highest-profile names let go. Former Intercontinental Champion Shelton Benjamin was also let go but it seems he could be highly sought after elsewhere.

AEW stars want Shelton Benjamin

Fightful Select has reported that many talents within AEW had pushed for the company to pursue Shelton Benjamin when rumours emerged that his contract with WWE was due to expire. Those rumours proved to be incorrect as there was still believed to be plenty of time left on his deal before WWE released the star.

The report also notes that separate from talents pushing for Benjamin to join the company, Tony Khan is also looking to add more producers to the point that each producer would only have to work one match per show.

While it is still unclear what Benjamin will do given that he is probably held to a non-compete clause, it seems one star is free and clear to appear for AEW right away should they wish to. Edge’s WWE contract expires on the 30th of September and the WWE Hall of Famer has now been removed from the intro video to SmackDown in the clearest indication yet that he is done with the company.