Backstage Frustration Over Mustafa Ali’s WWE Release

Mustafa Ali makes his way to the ring

A new report details why those backstage are particularly frustrated with Mustafa Ali’s release from WWE.

Mustafa Ali’s turbulent time in WWE came to an end just two days after he appeared live on NXT television taking issue with the fact that Dragon Lee will challenge for Dominik Mysterio’s North American Championship on Raw. Ali had previously defeated Lee to become the number one contender for Mysterio’s title and was scheduled to face the Judgment Day star at No Mercy, but on September 21st, he announced that he had been released from his WWE contract.

According to a new report from Fightful Select, several people were unhappy that Mustafa Ali had been released after being moved to NXT and gaining steam performing on the brand. Sources who spoke with Fightful indicated specific frustration with the lack of communication between WWE and NXT when it came to the releases.

Not only did Mustafa Ali’s release take away a well-known name from the brand, but it also required the plans for No Mercy to be redone and the match will no longer feature two main roster stars after an effort to present more of a main roster presence on the brand.

In addition, the report notes that there was no indication of the fact that Ali was going to be released as of the September 19th episode of NXT that Mustafa Ali was going to be released, or that the talent cuts would affect anyone with a main roster contract.

Dana Brooke was also among the releases on September 21st, and Shawn Michaels confirmed in a media call ahead of No Mercy that her release affected immediate plans for the brand. A full list of released talent can be found here.

Who Will Face Dominik Mysterio Following Mustafa Ali’s Release?

On the September 26th episode of NXT, Trick Williams successfully defeated Joe Gacy. After securing a victory, he asked Shawn Michaels to be added to the planned triple threat match to determine the new number one contender for Dominik Mysterio. In the end, Williams successfully defeated Dragon Lee, Tyler Bate, and Axiom and will face Dominik Mysterio at No Mercy.