TJR Q&A #2: Rollins vs. Triple H, Brand Extension, Kurt Angle to WWE and More!

The weekly Q&A column is back for another go around here on TJRWrestling. Thanks for all the support and kind words from the first Q&A that I posted last Wednesday. It’s going to be a Wednesday thing, but I’m also going to do them occasionally on other days when I have time as well.

For this Q&A, the questions are coming from the comment section of the last column and the majority of them are coming from my Facebook account. Just search for “John Canton” if you’re on Facebook and I’m pretty easy to find with nearly 4,000 friends on there.

A lot of topics about WWE are covered from current stuff, things from the past and discussion about the future. For each question, I’ll put the reader name along with the question in the quoted box and then my answer follows right after. There are 35 different people asking questions (some asked more than one) and it’s about 3,000 words in length this time, so let’s get to it.

1. JJ
Do you think Scott Hall could have been a successful World Heavyweight champion either in WCW or WWF as Razor Ramon had it not been for his personal issues?

Yes I do. I think both companies found it hard to trust him because of his drinking problem, so that’s why he never made it to the top. With that said, he still had a great career and is one of the best wrestlers ever that wasn’t a WWE or WCW World Champion.

2. Joe Sondag
With Nikki breaking AJ’s title reign record as an possible way to stick it to her you think WWE would do the same for Punk’s record?

Absolutely it’s possible although it’s not like Punk had a record. It was just 434 days, which is a really long reign for this era. Others like Hulk Hogan and Bruno Sammartino had much longer reigns. With AJ’s, it was the record for that particular title that isn’t even ten years old. I also don’t think WWE cares about lengths of reigns as much as fans do.

3. Mark Dixonwoods
Do you think that Vince McMahon’s freak out over ratings might cut Seth Rollins title reign short? And if so who would be the better draw at this point?

I think there’s a chance that it happens. What they might do is have Brock Lesnar win the WWE Title back and then defend it against Roman Reigns at WrestleMania again, this time with Reigns beating him. They could always go back to John Cena too. I don’t think Sheamus would have a long reign if he wins it.

4. Matthew Reitler
Do you ever think a Cesaro/Lesnar match is possible? And if so how would it be booked?

It would be awesome! I don’t know if it’s possible just because of the way WWE currently views Cesaro, which is not as a main event level performer even though he has the talent to be there. They could have a great match based on power moves, technical wrestling and submissions. I think it would be an awesome pairing.

5. Ed
Mark Henry’s probably going to retire pretty soon now, but he’s still great at promos. Do you think he could become a color commentator after his wrestling days are over?

It’s a possibility, but sometimes he mumbles and it’s hard to hear him. He’s not the most articulate guy out there. There are better older wrestlers that could be commentators. I do think that Henry will have a job with WWE for life, though, so if he wants something to do they can find something for him I’m pretty sure.

Those were some of the questions from the comment section of the last Q&A. Here are the questions and answers for this week from my Facebook account.

6. Jay A Jackson-Ferrans
Do you feel Becky Lynch and Sasha Banks are being overlooked and underused in the so called “Diva Revolution”? Sasha had the clear best character in NXT, and Becky’s been the best of PCB on the mic so far, yet they’re the ones taking a backseat.

Banks is overlooked for sure. She should be used way more than she is, but there’s only so much time. They have to show 40 Kane skits per show to get over the guy that’s been on TV for nearly 20 years! Yeah. Anyway, Banks is under 25 and has a long career ahead of her, so there’s plenty of time. Lynch is has been used a bit more, but isn’t featured. Long term I think they’ll be fine. It sucks for right now, though.

7. James Bright
With NXT being possibly WWE’s biggest success story since CM Punk do you see NXT wrestlers getting a spot at Mania or at least have a few NXT matches on the pre-show?

They should, but as we saw this year that’s going to be tough. They didn’t have time for it and that was with a really long show with multiple people in multiple matches. I doubt they will have room for it, so there will probably be a NXT show on the Friday before WrestleMania that may be a WWE Network show. Just a hunch.

8. Chris Goad
Out of the last ten years (ok five) do you remember a Raw as bad or worse than the 9-28 Raw? And when will Daniel Bryan get back in the ring?

There have been worse ones. I can remember giving scores of 2 or 2.5 before. I’d have to look it up, but I don’t remember off the top of my head. The effort in the main event saved it a bit.

Nobody knows about Bryan. He’s said it himself that he has been cleared by his doctor, but not WWE yet. Could be any time. Could be months. Who knows? I hope it’s soon.

9. Andy Mullen
Do you think the wwe network could benefit from some one like Paul Heyman producing content? The promo for the go to hell tour got me thinking about the possible connection.

I think Heyman likes doing that stuff and if he has time he will. I also think he’s content working on his own company while being a performer in WWE and being around his kids. That’s why he’s not on creative or anything like that. He’s such a gifted individual, but I admire his ability to step back a bit and live life his way too.

10. Cory Andrew Bacon
Out of the wrestlers with no independent experience and solely trained by NXT, who do you feel has the greatest long-term future?

Big E comes to mind. I think he’s going to be a huge star that has really grown a lot as a performer with The New Day. He’s also improved in the ring and especially on the microphone. Plus, he looked like he was shy before and now he’s a lot more comfortable. Huge fan of that guy.

11. Rich Muñiz
Now that evidence of water has been found on Mars, do you think Parts Unknown originated from there?

Yes. This explains so much. Thank you Rich haha.

12. Mike Anderson
When Kevin Nash power bombed The Giant on his neck in WCW, was that giant sandbagging or could Nash actually not pick him up?

I think he legitimately had a tough time picking up The Giant/Big Show because he’s a huge guy and it’s not an easy spot to do. It would be stupid for Show to sandbag him anyway because he ended up getting dropped on his head. Watch the video below.

13. Aaron David
Rank the chances of each appearing in a WWE match: Austin, Angle, Hogan, Styles, Awesome Kong, Punk.

1. Angle
2. Styles
3. Awesome Kong
4. CM Punk
5. Steve Austin
6. Hulk Hogan

Out of all of them, I only think Angle will, but you asked me to rank so there ya go.

14. Shay Smithers
Do you think a Seth Rollins vs Triple H feud could work? I know it’s been discussed earlier this year, but it seems like they’ll both be too busy around Wrestlemania time.

Yeah it’s going to happen for sure. I hope Seth is the face in it because I think he’ll be a phenomenal face. I think doing it at WrestleMania is possible, but I’d rather see the Shield triple threat match at WM. They could do that feud later in 2016 after Rollins drops the title. At some point they should have a match or two though, no question about it.

15. Aneil Komal
Do you think NXT is raising the bar at a such a fast rate that it might backfire or is it at a good pace? The reason I say this is because when Balor, Itami, Zayn and Joe (hopefully) come up, who will be the new set of faces?

They have to keep replenishing the roster and putting in guys that are not being used on the main roster. When Tyson Kidd was there it was great and he was one of the best parts of every show he was on. There are a lot of talents there like Apollo Crews that have so much potential. I’m not sure who emerges or when, but I think the NXT brand will be strong for a long time. This last 18 month run was the breakout point and from here it should be pretty steady.

16. Jeff Johnson
How would you book Undertaker’s final WrestleMania match?

He loses to John Cena at WrestleMania 32, then Cena leaves the ring and The Undertaker does a final pose. I don’t expect a teary eyed goodbye speech or anything like that. Maybe a Raw tribute the next night, but it wouldn’t fit his character really.

17. Danyo Ochoa
Assuming Roman Reigns wins the Royal Rumble again and wins the title at WrestleMania, how long do they keep him and Cena apart? Also, when do you think Finn Balor debuts? I’d love to see a feud against Bray Wyatt.

I think you could do Reigns vs. Cena as a big SummerSlam 2016 match that’s a face vs. face kind of thing where Roman has to prove he’s the man by getting past Cena. Plus, it seems like Cena is always around the WWE Title at SummerSlam time anyway.

I think Balor debuts at the Royal Rumble as a surprise and then he’s in a WrestleMania match because his entrance would be amazing to see on the big WM set.

18. Joe Morse
What do you think are the best realistic matches that WWE could have to put the most butts in the seats at Wrestlemania?

I think Rollins vs. Reigns vs. Ambrose, Rock vs. Brock, Undertaker vs. Cena should be the top three matches. All have a fresh feel to them and are WrestleMania worthy matches. I don’t think Steve Austin will wrestle.

19. David Dierking
Is WWE officially killing Cody Rhodes’ career? I just can’t see him being taken seriously as a top of the card guy with all this goofy stuff he’s been doing.

He’s 30 years old and has his best years ahead of him. I’m not really worried about his current place or his future. He’ll get there eventually because he’s too good not to be in a main event kind of spot one day. I’m not thrilled with where he is, but they could easily get him going in the right direction, put Money in the Bank on him and he can take off.

20. Roman Gonzalez
What are your top three favorite NXT matches thus far?

This is tough because there are so many. Off the top of my head I’d go like this: Cesaro/Zayn 2/3 Falls, Banks/Bayley at Takeover Brooklyn and Owens beating Zayn for the NXT Title not necessarily for being the best match, but the story they told was amazing.

21. Josh Warner
Who do you want main eventing Wrestlemaina this year and who do you think will main event it?

I want it to be Rollins vs. Ambrose vs. Reigns, but I think it will be Rock vs. Triple H because Hunter can do what he wants.

22. Aneil Komal
Do you see WWE bringing in any TNA talent once TNA shuts down?

Probably, but not that many. I think Angle and the Hardys have the most value. Maybe EC3 because they never should have cut him in the first place. The Wolves are a great team, but WWE could have had them before and they didn’t, so I’m not sure there’s interest.

23. Eric Jacinto
Will Shane O’Mac ever come back to the WWE? Do Triple H & Stephanie need to turn babyface?

I hope Shane does, but no idea really. I guess I’d say yes in some capacity although if it never happens that’s not a surprise. As for Hunter and Steph, I say no because they suck as faces.

24. Todd Johnson
How would you book Sheamus with the MITB. I just don’t think he has enough heat or cheers to justify a run with it? Thoughts?

I agree with you. I’d have him try to cash in, fail and then use it as a way to make his character more aggressive. Have people laugh at him for failing, which then leads to him becoming more focused and eventually becomes a true top guy. I think that would be a great story. Guy fails with MITB and then he earns the title the legit way by just destroying everybody.That’s a potentially good angle in my mind.

25. Roderick Walker
Why did WCW women’s division fail and do you think Madusa should have returned to WWE before WCW went out of business?

They didn’t employ enough women that could actually wrestle and they didn’t care enough to push the division. Yeah I would have liked to see Madusa in WWE in the early 2000s, but that “title in the trash” thing pissed off Vince McMahon for a long time. It took 20 years for her to get back! I give WCW credit for employing a lot of hot women in that 1998 to 2000 period, though. A “talented” group for sure.

26. John C Hoddy
What would you think of a Sandow/Cesaro team?

It would be better than what they are doing now, but I would rather see Cesaro on his own or with Tyson Kidd when he’s back. Sandow could use a partner, though.

27. Anne Schaefer
Will they ever bring the Women’s Title out of retirement??

I hope so. The butterfly Divas Title looks ridiculous and the Women’s Title looked a lot more prestigious.

28. Larry Yadao
Which wrestler would benefit more from a character makeover whether be appearance, gimmick, or both: Zack Ryder, Adam Rose, Bo Dallas, or Fandango?

I think Fandango is the most talented overall in that grouping, but Dallas has the brightest future since he’s in his mid-20s.

29. Neal Crouch
How do you think the WWE bosses see the product? Do you think they believe they are putting on a great show every Monday or do you think they see issues that we have with it?

I would love to know what they are thinking, but I guess they think they are putting on a good show. If they thought it sucked, why produce it? Vince loves a guy like Kane and he loves doing wacky angles with him. It bores me, but that’s Vince. They should look at the numbers going down and try to change things because it’s not good right now.

30. Tim Shady Bone Mattox
Do you think Santino would have gotten over if they made him more legit before it was too late? (Because I know he is a legit badass)

I don’t think so. Good comedic performer and some might say the best comedy guy WWE’s ever had for as long as he did it. I think as a serious wrestler he could have done okay, but wouldn’t have gotten over as much.

31. Reginald Pippin
With all the talent coming from NXT and ex-WWE talent returning, should WWE at the very least, consider bring back the World Heavyweight Title and brand extension?

I would welcome it, but I don’t think WWE has an interest in doing that. Realistically speaking, I doubt it happens. I think that kind of thing would create some interest in the product both in terms of more people watching and in making Smackdown matter more. Is it likely? I don’t think so.

32. Michael Thompson
Do you have a favorite Era/Promotion?

I think I’d have to go with WWE in 1997, 1998 and 2000 – not so much 1999 because match quality was down. Just seeing the stars getting built up in 1997 (Austin, Rock, Hunter, Mankind, etc.) and then taking off in the following years was such a joy to watch. I think 2000 was a phenomenal year for WWE matches and the best year for PPVs. 1997 was probably my favorite year just because of WWE getting hot (loved Austin vs. Hart) and the Sting story in WCW was awesome too. I guess the short answer is to say Attitude Era haha.

33. Jacob Stevens
Based on there being so much talent in WWE right now, not everyone who deserves a reign with the top title is going to get it. In your opinion, what are some big names of people who will never get there?

That’s tough. Wade Barrett comes to mind. Cesaro is another one although I hope I’m wrong on that. I’m not sure who else.

34. Jake Nicodemus
Would a NXT MITB match work at Wrestlemania for a main event contract or would it be too predictable of a winner?

I think it could work, but I doubt they do it. I kinda like debuting people randomly and without warning to make the debuts mean more. Plus, they don’t want it to be where talents want to get off NXT.

35. Brigid Martinez
Who do you see truly being the next face of WWE? If you could pick who would it be?

WWE wants Roman Reigns to be the next face of WWE. I think Rollins will be a huge babyface in the long term, but whether he’s a draw or not I’m not sure. Is anybody going to be a draw anymore? It’s hard to know.


That’s all for this week’s Q&A. If you have questions or comments on anything you saw here, put them in the comments below and I’ll use some in the next Q&A.

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