TJR Blog: Why Can’t WWE Book “Mr. Money In The Bank” Better?

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I hate how WWE books whoever is holding the Money in the Bank briefcase. You would think that after ten years of it they would understand what works, but instead they love to book the briefcase holder like a loser.

When Sheamus won the briefcase back in June I was shocked, but I remember writing: “That’s a good idea because at least they will book him strong.” I figured he’s a guy that management likes and that they want to push as a top heel, so I just assumed that he would win most of his matches to look like a credible threat to the WWE Champion. Nope. It hasn’t happened.

Sheamus had three high profile matches with Randy Orton in the last few months. Orton won clean at Battleground in July, Sheamus won clean at SummerSlam in August and Orton won clean two weeks ago on Raw.

This past week on Raw, Sheamus faced John Cena. They are familiar rivals even though they haven’t wrestled on Raw recently. It ended with Cena winning clean.

On Smackdown this week, he was in a tag match with Seth Rollins against Dean Ambrose and Roman Reigns. Guess who got pinned? The man with the mohawk.

If Sheamus cashes in the once coveted Money in the Bank briefcase to become WWE Champion, WWE hopes that fans will believe that he is going to be a great champion during his reign. What they don’t realize is that fans are going to tune out if he’s WWE Champion.

Why won’t the fans care? Because Sheamus is booked like a loser. He’s also a guy that many people consider to be boring even though he is better than average for a guy his size.

I’m not saying Sheamus is a loser as a person because he represents WWE well, but he is presented on television that way. Why should we care about a guy holding the WWE Title when he loses matches week after week on television? It’s the same stupid booking they do when champions lose non-title matches nearly every time (except John Cena as US Champion).

WWE has the announcers, specifically JBL, ranting on commentary every time Sheamus is on TV that he’s “virtually guaranteed to be WWE Champion” just based on all the other wrestlers that cashed in over the years. What about John Cena? How about Damien Sandow? Oh right, WWE won’t mention that. Just forget about that, stupid fans. Only remember the others.

This is how WWE creative views the situation: “Fans will think Sheamus is a great champion because he cashed in the briefcase to win the WWE Title. What happened before that doesn’t really matter.”

Our perception is this: “He’s a loser that lost clean so many times and the only reason he won the WWE Title is because it was cheap. Why should I tune in to watch more of him?”

In other words, we think of him as a loser for the simple reason that this is the way that WWE presented him to us. It’s their decision making that set this up. Does WWE want to have a loser champion? Apparently they do because it’s happened before.

It’s not like this is a new concept either. Seth Rollins held the Money in the Bank briefcase for over half a year before he cashed in at WrestleMania 31 and left with the WWE Title. That same night, he lost clean to Randy Orton. That was done because they wanted to give him a feud right after WrestleMania.

I’m not sure if Sheamus is going to leave Night of Champions on Sunday as the WWE Champion. I’m not predicting it to happen, but I think it’s certainly possible. I can’t say I care that much either. Do you?

This is just one of many creative problems in WWE right now. It’s the kind of lazy, tired booking that is hurting WWE.

They could do so many cool things with the Money in the Bank holder by making him look strong and as a constant threat to win the WWE Title. Instead, it’s the same old thing all the time. What a waste.


Alternate title: “WWE Booking Of Mr. Money In The Bank Is a Shameful Thing, Lobster Head.” Too wordy! Let me know what you think in the comments below, email me at mrjohncanton@gmail.com or contact me on Twitter @johnreport.