Zoey Stark Credits Becky Lynch For Helping Her During Long-Running Feud

Trish Stratus Zoey Stark Becky Lynch

Becky Lynch has been “absolutely amazing” to Zoey Stark.

Ever since allying herself with Trish Stratus at Night of Champions, Stark has been a big part of the Hall of Famer’s long-running feud with Lynch. She has not only helped Stratus win matches against The Man, but even had a victory over her on Raw.

In an interview with Sean Ross Sapp of Fightful, Stark has revealed that while Stratus has been a mentor to her in and out of the ring, she has also been getting help from her onscreen rival, who she described as “a great human being.”

“It makes me feel good about myself and tells me I’m doing something right. Trish Stratus, I’ve said it, and I’ll say it again, she’s been absolutely amazing. She has been a mentor inside the ring and out.

“Becky Lynch, just with us as people outside of the ring and the story, Becky is absolutely amazing. She’s a great human being. She’s been so welcoming, and she’s been helping me out along the way.”

Stark also discussed running ideas past Stratus, who will pitch them if she likes them. Although Stark is taking a backseat just now, she is also learning how Stratus handles those situations.

“Right now, I’m sitting back and just watching how it goes if I have an idea, I go to Trish. So Trish and I will talk it out, and then I just kind of follow her lead to where if she likes the idea, she’ll go and pitch it, but I’m standing right there with her to see, like okay, let me see how she handles this. Yeah, I’m just in the back watching right now.”

Trish Stratus admits her feud with Becky Lynch has been “dragging”

During an interview with the New York Post, Stratus admitted she didn’t expect the feud with Lynch to go on as long as it has, but says as long as the fans are entertained, that’s all that matters.

“At the end of the day, as long as we deliver, as long as we leave the fans entertained, satisfied, Stratus-fied that’s what my goal is to come here and do the things we never got to do, show them something they’ve never see before. I didn’t expect to be sipping lemonade for six months straight.”

It looks like the rivalry will finally come to a close when the two women meet inside a steel cage at Payback on September 2nd.

H/T to Fightful for the above transcription.