Trish Stratus Opens Up About Becky Lynch Feud “Dragging”

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Trish Stratus is ready to face some new blood in WWE.

The Hall of Famer made her return in February and has been feuding with Becky Lynch since April. The rivalry finally looks to culminate at the Payback Premium Live Event, when Stratus and Lynch will collide inside a steel cage with the hope that any interference from Zoey Stark will be neutralised.

Speaking with the New York Post, Stratus has stated that she is ready to beat Becky Lynch once again and move on to someone new:

“At the end of the day, as long as we deliver, as long as we leave the fans entertained, satisfied, Stratus-fied that’s what my goal is to come here and do the things we never got to do, show them something they’ve never see before. I didn’t expect to be sipping lemonade for six months straight.

Me coming here, I’m gonna prove myself when I beat Becky Lynch, arguably the best of this generation. I kind of feel like I did that in May. I’m kind of like, if Becky wasn’t so obsessed with me I feel like we could have cut this feud a long time ago and I could have gone on to do other things in this current women’s division, which is so intriguing to me.”

Continuing with the interview, Stratus admitted that things have gone on longer than they should have with the rivalry, but feels that it will have a strong ending like another lengthy storyline in WWE:

“I know things were kind of lost, like ‘Oh this is running on and it’s dragging.’ Whatever, sure we all feel like that. I’m sure people thought The Usos’ [Bloodline] story was dragging as well, but boy did they deliver at WrestleMania. To me, it’s when we get in the cage and people are committed to what we can do and what this generational face-off means, this unique opportunity to showcase what we can do, I’m pretty excited about it.”

Trish Stratus & Becky Lynch Match Delayed Twice

Originally set for SummerSlam, the blow-off match between the two former Women’s Champions was removed from the pencilled-in card after there were concerns that the show would run too long so matches had to be cut. The match was then delayed until the August 14th episode of Raw, generating a lot of criticisms from fans but also there were hopes that the final match would be given time.

August 14th came and the match ended in a no contest after both competitors failed to reach the 10 count. With the rivalry still not settled, WWE then announced the cage match for Payback.