Trish Stratus Reveals How WWE Return Happened

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Trish Stratus is back on WWE Raw in a rivalry with Becky Lynch and she recently explained how it all happened.

Becky Lynch and Lita became the WWE Women’s Tag Team Champions earlier this year when Trish Stratus helped them by neutralizing Bayley, which led to Lynch & Lita beating Dakota Kai & IYO SKY to win the titles. This would lead to WrestleMania 39 when Lynch, Lita and Trish beat the Damage CTRL in an impressive showing.

Due to a lack of respect, in her opinion, Trish turned on Lynch when they defended the Women’s Tag Team Titles after Trish attacked her “bestie” Lita.

Since then, Trish Stratus has made it clear that Becky Lynch doesn’t say “thank you Trish” enough and the current stars of WWE should be more thankful for what WWE Hall of Famers like Trish did in their careers.

This past Monday on Raw while Trish was wearing a Becky Lynch “Missing” shirt since Lynch was off TV for a few weeks, Lynch returned and beat up Stratus, much to the delight of the crowd.

Trish Stratus spoke to Ryan Satin on the Out of Character podcast recently in an interview covering her return to WWE. When talking about her return, Stratus mentioned her 2019 SummerSlam match with Charlotte being a long time ago, so she felt like fans would be interested in seeing more.

“I felt like — I don’t know. It’s funny, that was like so long ago. There’s like a whole pandemic that went through. You know, honestly, when I went back they were having the live events, and they were coming they were through Toronto. And twice I had dabbled with the girls in the ring. But you know what it was, was like the fans being so interested in this ‘fantasy booking,’ and seeing this kind of happen.”

As she continued, Trish spoke about how she always wants fans to care about what she’s doing no matter who she is interacting with.

“And when I keep saying there’s boxes that I want to check, if I’m going to come back there’s like these certain boxes I want to check. I want the fans to be interested. I want them to care, like I don’t just come back for my own, for all my kicks. I want like something that’s interesting, like you know, ‘Charlotte vs. Trish Stratus, oh my God, that’s interesting.’”

“When Becky and I were exchanging, it was literally a social media feud, and people were into it, right? People were so into it, and when we faced off in Toronto like it was really fun. The same with Bayley and I, there’s a moment we had in the ring in Toronto for Raw.”

“So I think just doing that and getting the mix, seeing the interest from fans. And then that’s where also, I‘m sure that’s where WWE got the interest from. It’s like, ‘Oh this could this could work.’”

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