More Details On Becky Lynch-Trish Stratus Match Being Off SummerSlam

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Becky Lynch vs. Trish Stratus will not take place at SummerSlam due to time constraints.

As reported by Fightful Select, WWE is very conscious of the overall runtime of their Premium Live Events, meaning that matches that would normally be reserved for the big shows have been bumped to TV programming shortly before or after the event.

Instead of taking place at SummerSlam, the one-on-one match between Lynch and Stratus has now been announced for Raw after the biggest party of the summer has concluded. The original speculation as to why the match had been delayed was due to potential injury concerns. However, it has been confirmed to Fightful that both The Man and the Hall of Famer are cleared to compete at the upcoming PLE.

Sources that Fightful spoke to stated that if the match did take place on the SummerSlam card, it would have been a very short match. There were also discussions of delaying the match even further to the Payback PLE in September.

The Fightful report corroborates a separate report by Dave Meltzer, who also stated that the bout has been cut from the card due to time constraints.

When Will Becky Lynch And Trish Stratus Have Their Rematch?

Lynch and Stratus had a brief singles match on the July 31st edition of WWE Raw, which was quickly ended when Zoey Stark caused the disqualification. Official Adam Pearce was angered at the plans of the Hall of Famer and rescheduled another rematch for the August 14th episode of Raw, which will be taking place in Stratus’ home country of Canada.

Both Superstars have been frustrated with the outcome of the rescheduled match, with Lynch making a subtle reference to the scrapped plans on social media.